Where is the Shuttle Now?

Shuttle Schedules

Miller Center at Lakeside, 115 Lakeside lot, 194 Saint Paul Street and Main Campus

The Lakeside Shuttle serves the Miller Center at Lakeside Avenue, 115 Lakeside (the residential Student parking lot, formerly named Gilbane) and 194 Saint Paul Street apartments. The Lakeside shuttles are full size yellow school buses that operate on a continuous loop, seven days per week. The main campus shuttle stop is on the CCM Center Promenade (between CCM Center and Bader Hall).

During day service, when both shuttles are running, there is approximately 8 minutes between shuttles and when one shuttle is running, there is approximately 16 minutes between shuttles.

CATMA's Guaranteed Ride Home Program is automatically provided to all residential students who obtain a "Zone 2 - 115 Lakeside" parking permit. All employees and commuter students who obtain a "Zone 1 - Miller Center" parking permit are also eligible, but must self-register with CATMA. This provides free taxi rides with Green Cab, between Home, Lakeside, 194 Saint Paul Street and Main Campus only, anytime the shuttles aren't running.

Bus #1 ~ Continuous Loop 6:30am - 11:00pm
Bus #2 ~ Continuous Loop 7:30am - 5:30pm

One Bus ~ Continuous Loop 10am - 9:00pm

All Champlain College faculty, staff and students can ride any GMT bus anytime, anywhere, including the LINK Express routes for FREE

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