Where is the Shuttle Now?

Shuttle Schedules

Champlain College, in conjunction with Mountain Transit, operates a free shuttle bus system for students, employees and guests between the CCM Center on main campus, 194 Saint Paul Street Apartments, the Miller Center at 175 Lakeside Avenue and 115 Lakeside Avenue (the residential Student parking lot, formerly named Gilbane).

The weekday schedule is as follows:

  • One shuttle from 6:30AM to 11PM
  • A second shuttle from 7:30AM to 6PM

Driver Breaks. The drivers take a short lunch break each day at the times below. During this time, one bus stays on the route while the other takes their break, there is a delay in service. These times are based on ridership numbers to have the least impact as possible.

  • 9:45-10:15 and
  • 11:15-11:45

Driver Swap. The morning drivers swap with the afternoon drivers at 1:45pm. By State DMV regulation, the new driver must do a full vehicle inspection and complete some paperwork BEFORE he can start his shift. This typically takes 5-10 minutes, so during this time there may be additional time delays. Please plan accordingly.

The weekend schedule is as follows:

  • One shuttle from 10am to 9pm

When both shuttles are running there is approximately 8 minutes between arrivals. When one shuttle is running there is approximately 16 minutes between shuttles. Delays due to traffic conditions or construction may alter this schedule at times. Weekday shuttles are typically large yellow school buses while the weekend shuttle is a smaller white shuttle.

CATMA's Guaranteed Ride Home program is automatically provided to all residential students who obtain a Zone 2 parking permit. Employees and Commuter students who obtain the Zone 1 parking permit are eligible to enroll for the program at catmavt.org. This program provides free Green Cab taxi rides between Lakeside and 194 Saint Paul Street or Main Campus anytime the shuttles are not in service.

All Champlain College faculty, staff and students can ride any GMT bus anytime, anywhere, including the LINK Express routes for FREE

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Sustain Champlain is a campus-wide initiative that strives to infuse sustainability concepts and practices across Champlain College by coordinating and promoting best practices within four areas: our institution, academics, operations and culture.

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